My name is Thérèse Chamberlain and until recently I’d been a registered nurse and have spent most of the last 30 years working with children and their families. I started in paediatrics, then gravitated to child and family mental health. I qualified as a midwife in 1991, but later returned to child and family mental health.

I considered my midwifery experience a privilege and loved being with women before, during and after childbirth. Additionally, I was fortunate and honoured to support close friends during labour and their early postnatal periods.
I birthed two babies of my own, both boys, and of course learnt most from these two very different experiences. Both were elating and powerful experiences. My boys are now 22 and 17 and gorgeous.

In the past fifteen years, my work in child and family mental health has led me into the area of attachment. I have trained in the Circle of Security Parenting Program, which is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. I have trained as a Marte Meo therapist, using a video based interaction program that gives practical information to parents and professionals on supporting the social, emotional and communicative development of children in daily moments of interaction.

I have long been interested in prenatal, birthing and postnatal support, and have believed there is no earlier intervention opportunity in which to help lay the foundation for secure attachment and healthy family relationships.

I found Susan Ross and joined Birth Right, training as a Doula and Inside Birth®Educator. I continue to be mentored by Susan Ross, who is the founder and Director of Birth Right, with an impressive and extensive background in midwifery,  as well as working in child and family therapy counselling, community health and family planning.  She is also a hypnotherapist, public speaker and author of Birth Right‘ (Random House) and ‘Doulas-Why every pregnant woman deserves one‘ (2012) and Inside Birth® Watercolours Relaxation CD. Susan Ross is the creator of Inside Birth® Educator Training ,and the Birth Right Birth Doula and Post-Natal Doula Training.

I believe that as an Inside Birth® Educator and Birth Doula I can merge the two fields I have long been passionate about.

I see every birth, every baby, every family as unique, with their own set of expectations and challenges. I am respectful of this. l listen and I hear. I offer wisdom and knowledge and the skills to help women and their partners make informed choices and feel confident and supported in their decisions.

I believe that child birth has become increasingly medicalised. I believe that these interventions are not always necessary. I believe women should be trusted to make their own informed decisions during child birth and that to do this women need the support of someone who can hear them and when necessary advocate on their behalf. I believe women and their partners often feel alone and afraid during labour and that this is both unnecessary and counterproductive.

I look forward to sharing in this very special time with a family and to contributing to it being a positive and enjoyable experience. I look forward to helping foster early connections between mother and baby, and father/partner and baby, and to helping parents build relationship foundations which will give their children the best possible start in life.