Doula Services

As of 1st January, 2020 I am returning to a part time position in Child & Family Mental Health. I am very excited to be taking on a new role in a field I am very passionate about, because of it’s importance in parenting and family life.

I will be in an advocacy role for parents who are seeking support while experiencing struggles with their children at a tertiary level of health care.

I have adored being a Doula, and felt so privileged to have met so many strong and phenomenal women, who have birthed their babies beautifully in a sometimes less than compassionate, interventionist hospital system.

Unfortunately, due to the wonderfully unpredictable nature of birth, as a “servant’ to women, being a Doula cannot coexist with a permanent position.    I am extremely sad that I cannot continue this work at present, but would like you to be aware that I am still available to offer a transforming birth and parenting preparation programme, Inside Birth®.

Please see the details below and let me know if you’re interested.

I wish you a beautiful and powerful birthing experience.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in your body.

Believe in your baby.

Believe in your innate ability to birth your baby.

Inside Birth®Antenatal Classes

Inside Birth®classes  tap into your innate intuitive feminine intelligence and encourages the belief that your body knows how to birth. Learning to trust your body’s ability and release fear so that you can enjoy the most amazing connection with your unborn baby and birth with dignity and pure joy. 

Nurturing your baby starts from conception, as does your relationship with your child.

Women are often fearful in pregnancy and particularly about childbirth, often based on the well intended, scary birth stories of other women, including their own mothers.This fear and tension creates pain and deeply embedded subconscious thoughts which can impact the way you give birth.

Inside Birth®  is designed to help you undo all the negative thoughts about birthing and parenting, and enable you to become calm, clear and connected, simply by using Inside Birth® skills.

What will I learn?

  • Expect to tap into your innate intelligence and learn how to question everything about your pregnancy and birth, on behalf of your baby – this is the beginning of parenting
  • Develop a deep understanding of how your thoughts, from the past and present, can impact on labour and birth and influence your connection to your baby .
  • Learn deep hypnosis and visualisation skills which will enable you to undo fears and self-doubt, and empower you to a relaxed and enjoyable birthing experience.
  • Discover fun and interesting ways to connect with your baby during pregnancy
  • Learn what really happens during labour and birthing, to you and baby and how to make the right choices for you and your baby, during pregnancy and birthing.
  •  Design a birth plan  that is right for you
  • Support and Inclusion for Dads/partners
  • Delight in the awesomeness of newborn babies and breastfeeding and how amazing it is to become a parent.

How does it work?

Inside Birth®is a 10hour programme delivered in either up to five 2hr sessions or two 5hr days over a weekend.

What does it cost?

At the moment I am only offering a private Inside Birth programme.

Private Inside Birth®can be offered in your home at mutually acceptable times for $700