Extracts from Paola’s Birth Story (Blog)

“This whole first stage of labour was really nice as I was labouring comfortably in my own bedroom with my husband. Therese was great as she perfectly balanced giving us space and intimacy and showing up to check on me and offer her support and advice. She was such a comforting and reassuring presence. I am so grateful we hired her to be with us. I know for a fact that we would have gone to the Hospital way earlier otherwise. And it is clear to me that my labour was so smooth partly because we stayed at home for most of it. I felt strong and calm in my own home. I will always remember how natural and smooth it all felt”.

“Therese helped me prepare for the birth in such a personal way. I still believe I wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience if it wasn’t for her support. Together, we discussed my fears and doubts helping me exorcise them from my mind and body. It was kind of like a therapy. Being able to discuss the details of my first daughter’s birth also helped start the healing process. With Therese’s support – through hypnobirthing/relaxation sessions, the viewing of beautiful natural births, breathing techniques, etc – I was on my way to truly believing in myself and transforming fear into confidence. It was a wonderful journey that brought a confident woman to her natural labour date with patience (no one was going to touch me in any way for any sort of induction). Having Therese with me through the pregnancy as well as the birth was very reassuring. Anytime I might “relapse” and loose a little confidence or doubt my own beliefs, she would be there to remind me what I really wanted and how much I was entitled to it”.