I was very anxious and unwell before and during my first pregnancy and looked into doulas for help and support – both of us loved Therese so much after our first meeting and we had met with a few. She understood and supported all my health issues and concerns and was very flexible with travel and visits and information.

She was amazing help with my birth plan and the obstetrician and the hospital. She has so much knowledge outside of what an obstetrician or hospital tells you and is very well educated in pregnancy, birthing, labour and babies.

We loved her warm smile and loving heart.

During the labour she was an incredible support not just to me but to my partner as well which was important for me that he was also supported and feeling as comfortable as possible. It was almost like a mother-like-type love she gave us during pregnancy and labour.

I felt so comfortable calling her, definitely more so than calling the hospital, obstetrician or even family and friends. If I ever have another baby the first person I’ll be calling will be Therese!

Kristen and Stephen Gely (Ollie born 16/09/2016)